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Ivan Sivec
Slovenian writer and poet

Ivan Sivec – the Writer

Ivan Sivec is the most prolific and popular Slovenian author. To this date he published 125 books. For years readers have been borrowing his works in libraries with great pleasure and according to the librarian statistics he is one of the most read Slovenian authors. He has received numerous prizes and awards for his work.

Das Geburtshaus von Ivan Sivec

Born on May 23rd 1949 in the small village of Moste pri Komendi, approximately 20 Kilometres from Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, he has been living in the town of Mengeš, near his birthplace for several decades.

Ivan Sivec mit seiner Familie bei der Feier zu seiner Magisterarbeit

He graduated from Slavic Studies at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana where he later also successfully completed his master’s degree at the Department of Ethnology.

Up to his retirement in 2005 he worked as a journalist and editor for Radio Slovenia, the national radio station, where he created many spectacular commentaries on the interesting people, customs and places he got to know through his work.

Many of his works were dramatised and several also reprinted. His youth novels The Forgotten Treasure (Pozabljeni zaklad), Burglars are at Work in the Summer (Vlomilci delajo poleti), The Bewitched House (Zakleta bajta) and The Prince on the White Horse (Princ na belem konju) were adapted as film or TV series, for the viewing pleasure of both young and mature audiences.

The multifaceted author Ivan Sivec is taking care of his mental and physical well-being on a regular basis. He’s nourishing his soul not only by reading science but also entertainment literature, as well as current newspaper and magazine issues. He’s renewing his energy with daily strolls around his hometown and its surroundings, regular swimming in the Adriatic Sea between spring and autumn, and also with mountain hikes in Slovenia and abroad.

Since his gray cells (almost) never rest, in addition to healthy nutrition (that he always swears by) he also needs sufficient liquid. The writer loves water in particular, but naturally also sweets! Sivec swears by one or two pieces of healthy dark chocolate daily and he always has some on hand in his working room. He also likes to enjoy dried fruit.

As a teenager he loved reading the works about Alaska by Jack London, his favourite author. But whether it is an exploration of Alaska, or a research trip to Namibia, New Zealand, South America or elsewhere, the writer particularly enjoys traveling himself because it nourishes his adventurous and curious spirit. In a few years he intends to pay another visit to Alaska, this time toghether with his grandchildren and dearest ones. He would like to show them the beauty and size of this enormous and remote area.

He inherited his passion for writing, but foremost for story telling from his father Andrej. Nowadays he’s trying to transfer this inheritance with passionate zeal to his grandchildren Marko, Lana and Maša, inspiring them with countless stories on forays across Slovenia and elsewhere. This is proving also to be the source of many spontaneous ideas for his children and youth books.

During his work as a journalist he met the extraordinary mountaineer Štefan Lagoja, who inspired Sivec to join him in conquering the highest mountain in Europe, the Mont Blanc (4,810 m; 15,781 ft). Sivec is a very tough and tireless character and it was exactly these features that in 2007 helped him to proudly climb the top of the highest peak in Europe, together with the mountaineer Štefan and his daughter-in-law Tina, also an enthusiastic sportswoman. Needles to say afterwards he wrote a book about this master achievement.

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Ivan Sivec - The X Factor

The X Factor

The X Factor is a psychological novel by the Slovenian author Ivan Sivec, showing the glamorous fashion world behind its less glamorous scenes. The reader is lead through the tragic story of the 17-year-old fashion model Maja, who’s blinded by the seemingly attractive, but in reality very cruel fashion world.
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